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Welcome to Church Media UK.

Our aim is to provide your church with all the resources and help it needs to navigate the new media landscape. 

From Youtube through to events coverage we can help you to capture create and publish the media you need to get your churches message heard. 

Livestream your services to reach people across the globe as well as those in your own congregation.

…or get more creative

Create your own stories and films online. Sermon illustrations or sketches along with the more usual notices. 

Let us help you to understand and make the most of the incredible opportunity afforded to the church through online video. Learn to create your own content and how to get it seen by the people you want to reach.


We are a part of Studio107 so you can be sure that your church is getting all the support it needs for it’s online strategy. 


Based in Stoke-on-Trent we have been involved in Church media for a number of years. Both as volunteers and in our current professional role.  Having been intimately involved in local churches and media we understand the unique needs and complexities facing the UK church. 


ChurchMediaUK exists to serve the church. Our vision is to see the church take its rightful place online and communicate Gods message effectively and relevantly to the online generation.